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This important message is to inform you that your Cooperative will be performing maintenance activities in your area soon. Each year we inspect and treat poles in an effort to provide more reliable electric service and to enhance public safety. This environmentally safe and approved process adds to the life of aging poles and prevents costly premature replacement. The inspection process also allows us to locate poles that are in need of replacement.

This year we have contracted with QPI&M to inspect and treat approximately 2,500 poles. QPI&M has performed work for us for many years and they are regarded as a leading expert in the wood preserving industry. Their work trucks will have "WCEC" identification stickers on them.

This process will begin on April 6, the entire process will be completed in approximately (60) days.

This year we will be working in (4) different geographic areas:

Area # 1:  Areas in Louise, areas 5 miles west of Louise, areas 3 miles north of Louise, and areas 5 miles east and southeast of Louise.

Area # 2:  Starting at the intersection of FM 1300 & CR 361 and proceeding south and southeast 4 miles.

Area # 3:  Starting just south of Nada and proceeding south 7 miles.

Please give them your cooperation and assistance in this very important maintenance project. The end result will improve your electric service. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Wesley Lange or Richard Arnett at 979 543-6271.


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