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Efficiency Tips

  • When doing laundry, wash and dry full loads. Cutting down on the amount of times the unit runs will reduce your energy bill tremendously.

  • If you use computers, have the monitors shut off if you prefer to leave the computer running. Recent survey's have shown that computers on 24/7 have contributed to approximately $25-$35/month in energy bills.

  • Increase the thermostat to at least 75 degrees, and use ceiling fans. The ceiling fans are a low-cost cooling additive that circulates the air which makes it appear cooler than it actually is in turn reducing your energy bill.

  • Take quick showers or baths using less hot water. Water heaters contribute to a great deal of a home's energy bill and lowering it's run-time will keep money in your pocket.

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed at all times unless opening them is required. Quickly retrieve what you require, and close the door as soon as possible

  • If you have single-pane windows, consider replacing them with new double-glazed windows.

  • Heat pump and air conditioning systems should be checked annually to verify they are properly charged.  Inside and outside units should be kept clean and free of debris.

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